Patented Cooling Technology

T°Cool® is engineered to work through the same thermoregulation process our bodies use to keep cool, called evaporative cooling. This process has a cooling effect via the evaporation of moisture. T°Cool® simply requires hydration, which can come from irrigation, rainfall, dew, or a simple garden hose. As solar radiation heats the turf, T°Cool® releases its moisture. As the moisture evaporates, it removes the heat with it - cooling the artificial turf by up to 50°F.
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About Our Products

TCool Sand

16-30 Landscape Sand

T°Cool® 16-30 Landscape Sand is a naturally & sustainably sourced turf infill that comes packaged in easy to handle 50lbs bags. Our sand installs using traditional industry techniques and is virtually dust-free, making it a favorite among professional turf installers and customers alike. Combined with Bac-Shield® an EPA registered antimicrobial agent, T°Cool® Landscape Sand not only cools, it protects!


Pre-Treated Crumb Rubber

T°CoolPT® Pre-Treated Crumb Rubber combines the power of our patented T°Cool® technology with the turf field industries long-standing go-to for performance-based infill. Crumb rubber still remains the top choice for many turf field professionals for a host of sports that demand high performance and the highest safety standards. T°CoolPT® is produced under the strictest standards and safety guidelines of any crumb rubber manufacturer in the US.

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Antimicrobial Protection

Bac-Shield Chitosan-Based Antimicrobial is EPA-Registered for the control of odor-causing microbes. Bac-Shield makes an article or surfaces an unsuitable environment for the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, or bacteria. Odors are a by-product of bacterial growth and wastes.  By inhibiting the growth of odor-causing microbes, Bac-Shield reduces the resulting wastes and odors they cause.

TCool Liquid Application

Liquid Applications

In addition to our manufactured pre-treated infills, T°Cool® technology is also available as a post-installation application. This process is ideal for larger projects, such as sports fields that have already been installed but would now like the cooling power of T°Cool® without waiting several years before it is time to replace their existing fields. Although the liquid application process requires very specialized equipment and operational expertise, T°Cool® is a very cost-effective way to cool down those increasingly hot turf fields. Depending on the size of the area and the current condition of the field, we can typically complete the installation process in 3-5 days which immediately opens up many valuable hours of otherwise unusable field time due to excessive heat concerns.

Meet Our Team

Rich Cubin TCool

Rich Cubin

T°Cool® Landscape Division

Rich comes to us with an extensive background in the sports & entertainment industry working alongside many high profile organizations like the National Hockey League, Boston Red Sox and the American Hockey League. Rich specializes in developing key strategic business relationships and partnerships combined with an entrepreneurial work ethic that delivers consistently impressive results with niche products in established industries. Rich handles the core of T°Cool® Landscape Sand’s sales & marketing efforts and overall initiatives.

Rick TCool Principle

Rick Oleksyk

TCoolPT® - Principle

Rick has held multiple C-Level positions in the sports industry. He served as the President/COO of North America’s largest supplier of golf bags and golf towels. He led Softspikes for eight plus years, serving as the first President, spearheading the ban of metal cleats, acquired the largest manufacturer of shoe inserts, and sold the company to private equity. He later served as the President of the world’s largest golf tee maker and co-invented the Professional Tee System (PTS).

Jacob Tetrault Profile Pic 200px

Jacob Tetrault

Managing Partner / Director of Brand Development

Jacob Tetrault is the director of Brand Development for TºCool, and the Managing Partner of Tatro Inc. Managing a comprehensive portfolio of products within the synthetic turf industry, civil, and environmental fields, Jacob loves to problem solve and find new solutions that make a strong, disruptive, and sustainable impact. Jacob and his father, Chris, partnered together in 2015 to design and commercialize innovations that make a difference. As a young professional he believes green products are a strict necessity for the future.

"At Tatro Inc. we strive to complement and mimic the environment, not destroy it. As a growing world, we need to look at products that use the same principles, practices, and design as mother nature. With any product Tatro or TºCool commercializes, we ensure just that."

In his free time Jacob is racing Ironmans, playing soccer, or going for a hike with his guitar!

Chris T TCool Profile Pic

Chris Tetrault

President of Tatro Inc / Inventor of T°Cool®

Founded and operated Tatro Inc in 1974. Tatro Inc. identifies and develops game-changing technologies based on bio-mimicry. In the beginning, Tatro Inc was premier design build firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tatro Inc designed, installed, and maintained many award-winning properties and brought much innovation to the very staid design build industry. Holds 5 patents. Desired to solve new problems through technologies that apply to global needs. Transitioned full-time into the development of new technologies after achieving 36 years of success in design build. Partnered with son Jacob in 2015 Selected FrostFill and T°CoolPT® as key commercial partners in 2019. T°Cool® is the only proven cooling technology in the synthetic turf market.

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