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What is T°CoolPT® Crumb Rubber?

T°CoolPT® is the best infill to use in sports settings.

Our Pre-Treated Crumb Rubber is a great alternative to traditional crumb rubber infill. When applied with T°Cool® technology, crumb rubber becomes significantly cooler than its untreated counterpart.

TCool Crumb Rubber 50 degrees cooler than regular turf
“We knew that our field turf could get extremely hot during certain times of the day and year but we had know idea that is sometimes got over 180°F. Once we looked into all possible solutions, including watering the field prior to using (limited success), we decided to give T°Cool® a try. The overall cost and installation process was very reasonable and performed very quickly. We are now experiencing dramatically lower surface temperatures and our athletes are beyond happy with the difference. ”

Benefits of using T°CoolPT® Crumb Rubber in your Sports Turf

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50° Cooler Surface

Some studies have found temperatures on artificial turf exceeding that of nearby natural grass in the range of 40° to 60°F—even up to 80°F—leaving final temperatures of synthetic turf at 140-160°F. To combat this problem, all T°Cool® products have been laboratory-tested and confirmed to keep your turf surface up to 50° cooler.



T°CoolPT® Crumb Rubber enhances performance on sporting fields. The reduction in the amount of compaction results in consistent playing surfaces.



T°CoolPT® treated Crumb Rubber provides the same level of safety and comfort, with respect to HIC and G-Max, as found in untreated Crumb Rubber.

Featured Project:
Kings Mountain High School

Mission: KMHS wanted to ensure their players, coaches, and officials, enjoyed the best possible field experience & performance.

Decision: Selected T°CoolPT® Pre-Treated Crumb Rubber. The first game on the new field was played on September 6th, 2019.

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